El Torito Taco Review

El Torito Mexican Tacos & Handcrafted Liquor

The restaurant is amazing and has so much charm. This is definitely a place you are going to want to visit for authentic style tacos and handcrafted liquor.  First of all the tacos are one of a kind.  How can you beat that? 

Authentic Recipe Taco Making

The 5 recipes are generations old originally from Veracruz. All the delicious tacos recipes are served on homemade blue corn tortillas. Yummy!!!

Delicious Blue Corn toritlla tacos from El Torito

Thanks for the delicious lunch and hospitality Ricardo and Claudia!!  OH, don’t forget the homemade hibiscus water!! Drink it.

Find them on facebook @ toritocantarranas

You Will find them on the island here!

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